Local Spotlight: The Columbus Ballet

The Columbus Ballet

The latest local spotlight to take a turn on our stage isn’t about waiting in the wings—it’s ready to dance! We’re talking about The Columbus Ballet. This company has brought beautiful productions to town for more than 20 years. Want to learn more? Hoping to take in a show this season? Read on to find out about this beloved local treasure.

More on The Columbus Ballet

Did you know that The Columbus Ballet started out as a dance school? It’s true! Created by Beth Griffin and Maria Hirsch, this institution taught students from 1994 to 1998. Back then, though, it was known as “The Ballet Workshop.” It soon became a nonprofit in 1998, the same year it changed its name to “The Columbus Ballet.” Now, it’s a spot where ballet students can hone their craft—and where anyone can attend an amazing show.

What shows has The Columbus Ballet put on in the past?

Ballets tell rich stories, all through dance. Some of the shows The Columbus Ballet has put on in the past are:

  • Coppélia;
  • Sleeping Beauty;
  • Cinderella; and
  • The Nutcracker.

The Masked Nutcracker

Speaking of The Nutcracker, The Columbus Ballet will be performing that famous winter classic this year. Tchaikovsky’s renowned work will dance across the stage with a minor costume change: the ballerinas will all be wearing masks. Tune in to WXTX-Fox 54 to watch The Masked Nutcracker for free! It will air from 8 to 10 p.m. on December 12, with an encore performance playing on December 20 after the Atlanta Falcons game.

How can I support The Columbus Ballet?

This year is a significant one—especially for those in the arts. If you feel moved to help, there are several ways that you can support The Columbus Ballet. The first is easy: sharing this blog or talking about The Columbus Ballet on social media. You can also make a note to watch The Masked Nutcracker later this month. Finally, you can make a donation to them here.


During the winter, one of the most enduring traditions is for people to go out and see The Nutcracker. Though large gatherings aren’t exactly on the agenda in 2020, The Columbus Ballet has worked hard to bring a seasonal classic to our town. So, don’t forget to watch The Masked Nutcracker this year—and consider seeing a show in person when the schedule resumes. Have a happy holiday season!

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