Coming Up: Pop Up Video Film Festival

Pop Up Video Film Festival

You’ve gone to the movies before, but have you ever gotten to ask the creators questions after the showing? You can do just that—and more—at the Pop Up Video Film Festival in Columbus, GA. Tickets are on sale now for Nov. 21—so snap them up while they’re still available!

What is the Pop Up Video Film Festival?

Mainstream blockbusters aren’t the only works defining the history of cinema. Many local artists—yes, right from Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL—are also on the scene creating incredible stories. At the Pop Up Video Film Festival, you can view their short films and see all kinds of new experiences put on the screen.

In just 30 minutes or less, you can immerse yourself in an exciting world—and then hear the filmmaker talk about the movie creation process. Plus, it’s social-distancing-friendly, with drive-in showings.

What can I do at the Pop Up Video Film Festival?

You already know that you can see short films and attend Q&A sessions with creators. There’s still more to love about the Pop Up Video Film Festival. You can also:

  • Go to an afterparty;
  • Get drinks from the bar;
  • See an award ceremony;
  • And more.

Visiting Details

We can’t wait until the Pop Up Video Film Festival hits the screens on Nov. 21. If you want to attend, don’t forget to buy your lawn, box seating, or parking spot tickets online. This event has three different screening blocks, running from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. When your slot is open, head on over to The Lofts at Swift Mill, which is located at 1510 Sixth Ave.

A Few Quick Safety Reminders

We all want to enjoy the season. The best way to make that possible is by following state laws and mandates, such as wearing a mask and social distancing. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. You can also carry hand sanitizer for some extra assistance. Thank you for taking good care of our community!


The season doesn’t have to be slow! Experience a dynamic—and fascinating—way to see movies at the Pop Up Video Film Festival. Who knows—you might even find a new favorite up-and-coming filmmaker along the way.

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