In the News: The Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots

The Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots

Local baseball fans have lived in suspense about the new name for the upcoming Columbus, GA baseball team. Finally, we all know who to cheer for at bat: the Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots. Wondering what other names didn’t hit it out of the park? Hoping to attend a game or two? Read on to find out more!

More on the Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots

Fans are the heart of every sports team. So, it makes sense that the managers of the Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots would want the opinions of those cheering in the stands. In fact, they even asked people in the area to pick out the perfect name for the Columbus, GA baseball team. In the end, they chose the “Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots,” which is a clever riff on another local favorite: the Chattahoochee River.

What were some of the other possible names for the team?

In 2020, local voters narrowed down the name of the newly-created team from a total of 16 options. As you’ll see, the creativity came out in full swing! Check out some of the runner-up choices that didn’t make the cut:

  • The Chattahoochee Valley Chili Dogs;
  • The Columbus South Stars;
  • The Columbus Cornbread;
  • The Columbus Gatornados;
  • The Columbus Creek Lizards;
  • The Fountain City Flamingos;
  • The Columbus Cashews;
  • The Columbus Scramble Dogs; and
  • The Chattahoochee Hogs.

When is the inagural season?

Summer may seem far away, but we bet it will arrive in no time. Until then, at least you have advance notice to plan for the upcoming Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots games. The first pitch at Golden Park will be the weekend of June 11-12, with new games taking place each Friday and Saturday through the weekend of July 23-24. Their home location will be Golden Park, located at 100 Fourth Street.


Cheering on a common team brings us all closer together. And soon, we could all be enjoying a warm summer day at the ballpark as we urge the Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots to a win. Here’s to the new crew!

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