In the News: Banks Food Hall in Columbus

Banks Food Hall in Columbus

How many of us have wanted to go get something to eat, only to have a loved one disagree with all of our restaurant selections? Well, you can say goodbye to that little problem! Banks Food Hall in Columbus offers the perfect solution. There, you can choose from multiple eatery stalls, with options like dessert, coffee, and beer. Now that sounds like culinary paradise!

More on Banks Food Hall

When it comes to food and drink, convenience is important—but so is great taste. Delicious fare and easy eats make the perfect pair at Banks Food Hall in Columbus. This dining spot offers stalls with food and drink vendors, live entertainment, and both indoor and outdoor areas where you can eat.

Plus, the view isn’t too shabby! Banks Food Hall offers a gorgeous vantage point at the Chattahoochee River, letting you take in the sights.

What stalls does Banks Food Hall include?

Already feeling hungry? You’re about to get hungrier—and thirstier. Here are the listed participating stall shops currently at Banks Food Hall:

  • Poke Sun;
  • Jeremiah’s Italian Ice;
  • The Bakeshop by Fountain City Coffee Co.;
  • Maltitude, a brewery; and
  • El Primo Taqueria.

They plan to have 10 stalls in total, so more options are coming too! We wonder who else will set up shop.

Visiting and Safety Details

Banks Food Hall is open for business! You can come see them at 1002 Bay Ave.. They start selling coffee at 8 a.m. and begin selling food at 11 a.m. If your leashed dog wants to come along, furry friends are welcome too!

Please, remember to wear a mask when you visit. You can also bring along hand sanitizer so that your hands remain clean. Additionally, please stay six feet or further from those not in your household, and comply with state regulations. Thank you for taking good care of your community!


The area is close to a tasty new spot: Banks Food Hall in Columbus. Whether you love Italian ice, prefer poke bowls, or want something on tap, you can find your fill with a visit there. Not to mention, you’ll be doing great work to boost local businesses too!

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