Things To Do: Get Season Tickets for the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots

get season tickets for the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots

Before you can belt out “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch, you need to get season tickets for the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots for the upcoming 2023 schedule!

The 2023 season

It’s official! Hoots fans can now purchase 2023 season tickets online. But remember, to purchase tickets, you do have to create an account if you don’t already have one.

According to social media posts, fans who get season tickets for the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots this year will see more games for less money. Sounds like a win-win!

What’s more, the season ticket packages offer a variety of options. These include “Front Row/Premier” tickets starting at $275, box seats for $200, reserved seats for $145 and general admission tickets for $115.

The season opener is set for June 3rd, when the Hoots will face the Waleska Wild Things. Don’t forget to connect with the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In fact, the team plans to share a few “big announcements” involving the coaching staff, promotional events, player signings and more.

More about the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots

Part of the Sunbelt Baseball League, the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots will play their third season in the River City this year. Learn a little more Chatt-a-hoots-tory, including the names that could’ve been, by reading our blog about the baseball team.


If you get season tickets for the Columbus Chatt-a-Hoots, you’ll be spending plenty of time at Golden Park. It’s located at 100 4th St. in Uptown Columbus. The historic baseball stadium features 4,500 seats and has several sidewalks connecting it to the Columbus RiverWalk.

Did you know Golden Park is a little over two miles from Central Highlands Apartment Homes? That means you can hooty-hoo every Friday and Saturday night throughout June and July after about a five-minute drive!


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