In the News: Revitalizing Downtown Phenix City

revitalizing downtown Phenix City

Revitalize. That’s one action verb that will soon be in effect as plans for revitalizing downtown Phenix City begin to take shape!

Future plans

According to reports, the city has teamed up with Orchestra Partners out of Birmingham to work toward revitalizing downtown Phenix City over time.

The city is in the early planning stages of what will be a 30-plus year development plan. The goal is to bring new life and vitality to Phenix City’s picturesque downtown in phases.

As plans become a reality, visitors can expect to see more restaurants, more shops, more businesses and more activity.

The project includes areas, buildings and green spaces stretching from South Railroad Street to Dillingham Street.

As strategic planning continues, the next step is to secure funding along with getting the local private sector more involved in the development too.

Eventually, downtown Phenix City hopes to be a thriving urban hub—a place where community engagement along the riverfront is a must. Downtown will be walkable and bike-friendly.

There will be a focus on using the current unused space for new retail, residential development and additional community spaces.

More about Orchestra Partners

Established in 2015, Orchestra Partners is a planning and redevelopment firm based out of Birmingham. The company has a passion for using existing architecture and spaces while breathing new life into downtown areas.

Their team of experts works closely with city leaders during the planning, designing, financing and construction management phases of development.

Find out more about Orchestra Partners, plus see pictures featuring the Phenix City Vision Plan encompassing 170 acres of downtown real estate.


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