Local Spotlight: East Alabama Motor Speedway

East Alabama Motor Speedway

You’ve heard of Daytona. But what about the “Daytona of Dirt”? We’ll give you a hint—it’s in town, and also, the name rests in our blog title! That’s right—if you want to cheer along to an exciting dirt track race, visit East Alabama Motor Speedway in Phenix City.

More on East Alabama Motor Speedway

Jimmy Thomas, a mechanic and World War II military veteran, founded East Alabama Motor Speedway in 1973. As a jack of many trades, he not only built the track himself, but he also raced on the Georgia dirt racing circuit, owned a furniture store, and made racing vehicles. Though he passed away in 1980, the Jimmy Thomas Memorial honors him to this day.

His legacy also lives on in his family! Jimmy’s son Billy, his daughter-in-law Shirley, and his grandchildren, Beverly, Ben, and Bobby have all played a role in keeping the Speedway running.

What can I do at East Alabama Motor Speedway?

Saturdays are for racing—or at least they are at East Alabama Motor Speedway! Whenever that special day rolls around, you can get your tickets and cheer one lucky driver to victory. Fun fact: if you have what it takes, you can sign up to compete!

Not to mention, you can pick up something tasty from their concessions stand too—or you can take a cooler with you. Plus, you can also bring home souvenirs!

The Speedway also hosts events from time to time, like their fireworks show and race this past Memorial Day. Follow their Facebook page to stay-up-to-date!

Visiting Details

Next Saturday, head over to the East Alabama Motor Speedway at 4238 U.S. Highway 80 West in Phenix City. Currently, you can only buy your tickets on-site at the box office. They open at 6 p.m. on the night of the race.

Have any questions? Call them at (334) 297-2594!


Ladies and gentleman, start your engines! The course to summer fun revs up at East Alabama Motor Speedway. So, put on casual clothes—it’s a dirt track, after all—and get ready for a thrilling night out!

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