New Business Spotlight: Back That Axe Up in Columbus

Back that Axe Up in Columbus

Everyone deals with stress differently! And boy—the past year has not exactly offered ample relaxation. Fortunately, you can get out your frustrations in a healthy—and incredibly unique way—at Back That Axe Up in Columbus, GA. So, who’s ready for some summer fun?

More on Back That Axe Up

In October of last year, Back that Axe Up in Columbus held their soft grand opening. Now, things are officially in full swing. So, go ahead and make your reservation!

What can I do at Back That Axe Up?

Well, for one thing, you can throw axes! Each ticket gives access to a throwing lane, complete with a TV, for 50 minutes. Then, when you’re done, you can treat yourself to a cocktail at their full bar. Or, you can replenish your energy with tasty food from their menu. 

Plus, you can even turn your visit into a special occasion for all. They also have a party room!

Where can I reserve my slot?

You can easily make your reserveration online here. Tickets cost $10. However, they often run specials like promo codes and ladies’ nights, so keep up with their Facebook page.

The Perfect Gift

Still puzzling out what you’ll buy for this year’s birthday presents? We’ve solved the riddle! You can get a truly distinct gift for a friend or family member this year: a gift certificate from Back That Axe Up! Like their tickets, you can buy them on the business’s website.

Visiting Details

Your time has come! Or, it will after you get your tickets. Guests can find Back That Axe Up at 1111 Broadway. 

Of course, you have a few regulations to consider as well. Note that all visitors must sign a waiver. They should also put on closed-toed shoes! And don’t forget—all guests must be aged 21 and over. If you have any questions, call them at (706) 341-3692.

When you go, make sure to follow all state mandates! You should also social distance whenever possible. Please also listen to employee direction and posted signage. Last of all—have fun!


Got an axe to grind with daily stress? You can throw it instead at Back That Axe Up in Columbus. This year, consider supporting a very creative local business with a visit. Even if you don’t want to try your hand, you can still indulge with a cocktail or some munchies.

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