Coming Up: 2020 RiverBlast Festival

2020 RiverBlast Festival

It’s time to get fired up—the 2020 RiverBlast Festival is on its way. This educational and entertaining fest features Columbus’ naval contributions to the Civil War, plus a whole lot of fun along the way. Let’s take a quick look at what’s in store for you at Port Columbus!

About RiverBlast Festival

Educational in nature and entertaining in structure, the 2020 RiverBlast Festival first and foremost unveils Columbus, Georgia’s role in the Civil War. Especially from a naval perspective. You can expect canon firings, Civil War reenactments, real-life demonstrations, and a complimentary tour of the National Civil War Naval Museum.

In addition to reliving American history, the 2020 RiverBlast Festival caters to other experiences as well. Listen to live entertainment, play games with the whole family, and enjoy a quick bite. Merchandise and souvenirs will also be on hand to keep as a memento of your trip.

When and Where

The 2020 RiverBlast Festival will take place at the National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus. Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 21 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and Sunday, March 22 (12:30 to 5 p.m.).

About the Museum

As part of the 2020 RiverBlast Festival, you will be able to tour through the naval Civil War museum based at Port Columbus.

The National Civil War Naval Museum showcases the CSS Jackson, the largest surviving Confederate warship, along with the CSS Chattahoochee. You can also venture through a timeline of the war, which maps out major naval battles and boasts a trove of prized artifacts.


Reliving history is what the 2020 RiverBlast Festival can be best described as. It’s a chance to learn, laugh, and look at the lives and events in our past.

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